Series Programs

Below are the Series Programs currently in production at Haverhill Community Television. These programs are produced on a monthly basis. Check back in regularly to see the latest editions.

Aqui Nosotros, Hosted and Produced by Victor Abramson

Aqui Nosotros weaves reality moments into a talk show. A distinct voice with a cultural diversity touch that people listen to, Aqui Nosotros … [Read more...]

Around Town

Larry Seaman
Host of Around Town

5-2012: Larry explores Royal Limo 4-2012: A tribute to Madonna at Canobie Lake Park 3-20-12: Brownie Macintosh 3-1-12: Watch Larry in this riveting new episode! 12-14-11: Brian Evans at Fenway … [Read more...]

Colten’s Corner, Produced and Hosted by Stan Colten


Stan Colten hosts a provocative and hard-hitting show, looking at local politics in Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley.  … [Read more...]

Council On The Line


5-4-11: Haverhill city councilors discuss topics involving the city. 4-6-11: Watch as City Councilors sit down and talk about issues in the city of Haverhill. 3-2-11: Watch as City Councilors sit down and talk about issues in the city of Haverhill. Watch as City Councilors sit down and talk about issues in the city of Haverhill. 11-3-10: Watch as City Councilors sit down and talk about issues in the city of Haverhill. … [Read more...]

Essex County Ghost Project, Produced and Hosted by Tom Spitalere


Tom and Bill take a break from the paranormal to discuss something out of this world, with MUFON's (Mutual UFO Network) legendary Steve Firmani Tom sits with the lively Willy Hassel to discuss things that aren't quite so! Tom is joined by his partner in ghost hunting & tech expert Bill Ammells to discuss their equipment Local ghost hunter Tom Spitalere is joined by Joe Bella for another discussion on the paranormal Tom goes Solo for a week on this special episode! … [Read more...]

The Final Checkpoint


Episode #4: L.A. Noir and Portal 2 Penny Arcade Expo 2011: The Final Checkpoint skips lines at Boston's PAX East video game expo. Watch as they meet with top developers and discuss games. Episode #2: Reviews of Crysis 2, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Ar Tenelico Episode #1: Reviews of Little Big Planet 2, Dead Space 2 and Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood. … [Read more...]

Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce

30 Minutes: Your Chamber In Action June, 2011: Jim Jajuga sits down with guest Jen Cantwell. February, 2011:Jim Jajuga sits down with guests, Mary O'Neil and Diane McDermott. October, 2010 : Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce president, James Jajuga welcomes Chamber Coordinator Brittny DeMatteo to the program. May, 2010: Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce President, James Jajuga talks with Leanne Eastman about Haverhill's Kidsfest. … [Read more...]

Helping People in Haverhill

February, 2011: Host, Richard Mullen, sits down with his guests to talk about Mentoring. This episode features a PSA from the Boston Red Sox on the importance of mentoring. September, 2010: Host Richard Mullen introduces a new show spotlighting local non profit groups in the area. His first guest is Jonathan Miller of Team Coordinating Agency. … [Read more...]

I Get Around, Produced and Hosted by Jay Cleary


I Get Around is an on-location show about people, places and timely events. … [Read more...]

Keeping the Peace, Produced by the Haverhill Violence Coalition and Hosted by Doug Gaudette


"Keeping the Peace" is a regularly aired program sponsored by the Haverhill Community Violence Prevention Coalition.   The purpose of the show is to provide information on issues related to the topic of violence including domestic violence, bullying, elder violence, children who witness violence, etc.  … [Read more...]