Series Programs

Below are the Series Programs currently in production at Haverhill Community Television. These programs are produced on a monthly basis. Check back in regularly to see the latest editions.

Faith in Haverhill, Produced and Hosted by Rick Harrington


A time for discussion of ministry, ethics and current events for our city and our world with Pastor Rick Harrington. … [Read more...]

Keeping the Peace, Produced by the Haverhill Violence Coalition and Hosted by Doug Gaudette


"Keeping the Peace" is a regularly aired program sponsored by the Haverhill Community Violence Prevention Coalition.   The purpose of the show is to provide information on issues related to the topic of violence including domestic violence, bullying, elder violence, children who witness violence, etc.  … [Read more...]

Senior Moments, Produced and Hosted by Richard Mullen


Richard Mullen introduces a new community produced series, Senior Moments, which offers seniors ways to become more mentally and physically healthy. … [Read more...]

The Mayor’s Corner

August 2011: The Maor talkes with Michael Viglane May, 2011: The Mayor sits down with his Chief of Staff, Andrew Herlihy, to discuss city-wide issues. May, 2011: The Mayor goes on location to the new suit coat factory here in Haverhill. April, 2011: Haverhill's Mayor discusses issues within the city. March, 2011: Mayor, James J. Fiorentini gives his State of the City Address. … [Read more...]

@World Chat, Produced and Hosted by Linda Henson


  Linda Henson is a Missionary in Residence at Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill. She has been a member of HC Media since 2013, and has wasted no time in becoming the producer and host of her own show, @World Chat. The program is designed to bring diverse cultures, and customs to the viewing public, in an effort to help people better understand and respect one another.  … [Read more...]

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