Director’s Class

Talent in front of video camera

The director’s class is designed to teach members how to direct shoots in the HCTV control room.

A class is set up on a night when a “smaller size show” is being produced in the studio. The class comes in before the show begins and stands behind those working at the “director’s bus” while the show is going on. An overview of what the director is doing is given by the instructor.

When the show has ended, the class stays and gets to utilize the equipment they just saw used during the shoot. This includes how to:

  • fade up from black
  • fade/cut from shot to shot
  • directing camera positioning
  • directing music cues
  • directing graphic cues
  • pacing
  • time management of show
  • cuing host through camera people, and
  • wrap-upsĀ  to help tech-direct with the aid of staff.

For more information on upcoming Director’s Classes, please call (978) 372-8070, or email us at