Mobile Production


The mobile production class is devoted to the art of creating programming with the use of our remote cameras.

What You’ll Learn

  • battery installation
  • taping/vcr mode
  • auto/manual focus
  • ND filter usage
  • plasma screen setup
  • zooming
  • fading

Members are taught how to connect to a monitor if needed.

An overview of audio is given including:

  • the camera mic
  • a beyer dynamic mic
  • a lavaliere
  • shotgun mic
  • ambient sound

Members are encouraged to take this class before the editing workshop so they can learn to edit with material they shot. Not only does this show them the step by step process but produces a show for the station while they learn.

For more information on taking our Moblie Production Class, please call us at (978) 372-8070, email us at, or simply drop in.