HCTV Celebrates 25

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Taking A Look Back

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, we are inviting you to take a look back with us at the last 25 years in Haverhill. We are encouraging all of our members to create a retrospective show. Maybe revisit your first episode? Maybe there’s an early program from HCTV’s past that got you thinking about the station and so you became a member; this is the perfect chance to share that experience.

Over the next year, we want to revisit those early years through different videos, and we hope you’ll participate. In the coming years, we are looking to grow stronger, and the best place to start growing is the roots.

We are encouraging a community-wide participation to help make this year special – maybe a special retrospective episode, looking back at your favorite clips; or maybe a new introduction for a special, favorite episode of yours. The possibilities are endless. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to make appointments for anyone who wants some help along the way.

The question is, just how would you like to remember the last 25 years? We’d like to offer some suggestions to help guide you along:

  • One option is a compilation episode – a collection of your show’s “greatest hits.” Think back to all the guests that have appeared on your show, and all of the questions you’ve asked them. Maybe you’d like to compile a list of your favorite responses over the year and make a video highlighting all of those moments (Don’t forget! These are the perfect opportunities to ask our staff to set up an appointment for help!). With a selection of great clips, you can even film a narration to string them all together, highlighting why each discussion was important and why you wanted to remember it.

  • There are other ways to take a look back, too! Maybe there’s a special episode that holds a place in your memory, a special guest that was perfect for your show. You can take that episode and display its importance on its own, and our staff can book studio time with you to film an introduction or outro for you to explain why that episode (or episodes, feel free to keep this trend going for the year) was chosen.

  • Another option available is to have a show discussion about the past 25 years. Perhaps a special guest, maybe your first, comes back to look back on what’s changed. Or you could even have another volunteer come on your show to talk about shared experiences at HCTV over the years. The possibilities are practically limitless!

Don’t forget, these are just a few ideas – feel free to celebrate this anniversary in any way you’d like.

We hope that everyone joins us for this special event; this is a great chance to showcase the evolution of our great community

Our staff is always available during business hours to help you plan and execute any show you’d like to try. So let’s see where we’ve come from, and how far we’ve gone. Lets say one last goodbye to the past, and turn our heads to the next 25 years at Haverhill Community Television.